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Maplelens Circle Lens Review (EOS Fay Tone Purple)

Check out Maplelens for amazing circle lenses! Follow their Instagram @maplelens Review for EOS Fay Tone Purple Circle Lens 

 ReviewDiameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm 
Life Span: Yearly disposal
Comfort 5/5
I had no issues with these circle lens when I inserted them in my eyes. I wore them for 5 hours without any irritation. You can't even feel that they are in your eyes!!
Enlargement 4/5
These circle lens are 14.5mm so they provide a significant amount of enlargement. They do make your eyes look bigger but do not give you the "dolly look". Regardless, they make a huge impact on your eye size and shape!
Color 5/5
The color is so beautiful and vibrant! These lenses are perfect for cosplay, as the purple shows up so well in person and in photos.
Naturalness 3/5
Since these contact lenses are so bright, they are not natural at all. You would still be able to wear the circle lens out in public though. Additionally, the design of the circle lens blends in with your eye very well …

Pinkicon Circle Lens Review

Check out Pinkicon for wonderful circle lenses <3 
instagram @pinkicon_shop
 Twinkle Eyes 1 Day Half Series Grege Gray
ReviewDiameter : 14.2mm Base Curve : 8.7mm Life Span : 1 Day Disposal Comfort: 4/5 These circle lenses are designed to be worn for only one day so the material of the lenses are different from circle lenses that last 6 months or yearly. The material is thinner which makes it more comfortable to wear. I wore these lenses for 6 hours and did not have any irritation. My only issue is that my vision appeared slightly blurry the first 15 minutes of wearing the lenses. But after that, the blurriness disappeared and I had no other issues. Enlargement: 1/5 Since the diameter is 14.2mm, these lenses do not provide much enlargement. They appear to look like regular contact lenses. Color: 3/5 The color is a subtle grey. You can tell that you are wearing contacts but the color is not very vivid. I would recommend this color if you are looking for a natural everyday color. I would not …