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Rize Makeup Look - Maple Lens

Rize makeup look from Tokyo Ghoul Check out Maplelens for amazing circle lenses! Follow their Instagram @maplelensClick here for my review of the EOS Fay Tone Purple Circle Lens 

Himifashion Dress Review

Please check out Himifashion for cute Japanese fashion! <3 Follow them on instagram @Himifashion Review for Japanese Navy Collar Short Sleeve Dress
Review My Measurements I ordered a size SMALL in this dress. I will provide my measurements so you can have an idea how this dress will fit for you.
Bust: 33 inch (32C bra size) Waist: 23.5 inch Height: 5'4 Weight: 105 lbs Fitting 5/5 The dress fits me perfectly! As stated above, the waist belt the dress came with was way too large for me but the actual dress fits so perfectly. I love the fit and it is very comfortable! Design 5/5 The dress looks exactly like the stock photo. The design is beautiful, it reminds me of Sailor Moon. ^_^ I received many compliments when I wore this dress.  Quality 5/5 The quality is fantastic. The material is not thin and cheap, it is thick and form fitting. There are layers under the dress to ensure that it is not see through. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend this dress. It comes in two other …

Maplelens Circle Lens Review (EOS Fay Tone Pink) YUNO COSPLAY

Check out Maplelens for amazing circle lenses! Follow their Instagram @maplelens Review for EOS Fay Tone Pink Circle Lens / YUNO COSPLAY

 ReviewDiameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm 
Life Span: Yearly disposal
Comfort 5/5
I had no issues with these circle lens when I inserted them in my eyes. I wore them for 5 hours without any irritation. You can't even feel that they are in your eyes!!
Enlargement 4/5
These circle lens are 14.5mm so they provide a significant amount of enlargement. They do make your eyes look bigger but do not give you the "dolly look". Regardless, they make a huge impact on your eye size and shape!
Color 5/5