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Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Review

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Review for Ultimate Skin Spa - Facial Cleaner/Exfoliator

Use the code "vannie" for a 70% off discount. Original price: $125 Discount Price: $37.50

Photo taken with Canon EOS Rebel SL1

The packaging was bubble wrapped and the contents came safe and secure.

Outer packaging. Easy to open.

I love the container the device and brushes are stored in. It is very handy to take with you if you are traveling. The set comes with three different brushes that are detachable. The left brush is a daily facial brush. The middle brush is a silicone brush. The right brush is an exfoliator brush.

I really enjoy both of these brushes. The left is the silicone brush and the exfoliator brush.

Close up of the device and the daily cleansing brush. The green button turns on the device in a circular motion. If pressed two times, the device will perform a faster motion for more intense cleansing.

Photo taken with Canon EOS Rebel SL1


Daily Cleansing Brush - "ultra-soft bristles for gentle yet through cleansing. Recommended for daily use and especially for sensitive skin types."

The description is definitely accurate. The bristles are very soft and gentle and is perfect for daily use! My skin feels so soft after using this brush. I use this brush every morning on the days I do not use the exfoliator or silicone brush.

Exfoliating Brush - hygienic, quick-drying bristles that are designed to lift away debris trapped deep within your pores. Recommended use 1 – 2 times per week for more thorough cleansing.

I am absolutely in LOVE with the exfoliating brush. It definitely lives up to its name. I will use this brush two times a week in the morning. It removes my dead skin and leaves my face feeling so soft and rejuvenated!

Silicone Brush – non-abrasive silicone touch-points gently cleanse your skin without harsh abrasion or chemicals. Recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

On the days I do not use the daily brush, I will use the silicone brush. The silicone and short  bristles make the brush easy to clean. This brush is very gentle on the face and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed.

Overall, I would give this product a 5/5

The Ultimate Skin Spa system is extremely effective and easy to use. Even after just a few days of using this product, I saw a noticeable change in my skin appearance and texture. I have dry skin and this product definitely helps smooth my skin tone and remove my dead skin cells. I have been using this product in the morning and using a lemon and honey DIY facial mask at night. After washing of the mask, I will apply moisturizer with jojoba oil. This routine has improved my dry skin and I am very content! (:

With the 70% promotional discount, you can get this product for only $37.50! That is an amazing deal and will definitely be worth your money.


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