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Rilakkuma Overalls Review for CuteKawaii520

Check out Cute Harajuku and Women Fashion for cute Asian fashion! Follow their Instagram @CuteKawaii520 Review for Rilakkuma Hooded Overalls Use "vanniechuong" for 10% off your order!

ReviewThe overalls are a size Medium. Fitting 3/5 I requested for a size small but I was sent a size medium. The size medium is too big but was easily fixed by adding an additional button on the waist to tighten it. If you are the same size as I am or smaller, I would definitely recommend a size small. Medium is very lose. Design 5/5The design is so so so CUTE! Gosh I am so in love with all things that are Rilakkuma. ^_^ I love how the overalls include a hood with ears as well. A tail would have been ever cute hahaha :3 Quality 5/5 The quality of these overalls are great! It is a thick corduroy material. The overalls are not uncomfortable and feel soft and fuzzy. There are no loose strings on the product and everything is made very well.
Overall, I would recommend these overalls! They are so…

Maple lens EOS ice blue circle lens review

Check out Maplelens for amazing circle lenses! Follow their Instagram @maplelens Review for EOS Ice Blue Circle Lens

Diameter: 14.8 mm Base Curve: 8.8 mm  Life Span: Yearly disposal  Prescription: Left -1.25 Right -1.00
Comfort 5/5 I had no issues with these circle lens when I inserted them in my eyes. I wore them for the full 8 without any irritation. After about 5 minutes, you cannot even feel the circle lens in your eyes. Enlargement 4/5 These circle lens are 14.8mm so they provide a significant amount of enlargement.There is a subtle black ring on the outer part of the lens that enlarges your eyes. If the ring is thicker, the larger your eyes will appear. Color 3/5 The color is not very vibrant. It is a subtle blue color, but very beautiful. If you are looking for a bright blue for cosplay purposes, I would pass on these lens. But if you