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Donalovehair Ombré lace front wig review

Review for Donalovehair Purple and Pink Ombre Lace Front Wig

Check them out for an amazing selection of high quality lace front wigs and follow their instagram @Donalovehair

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The package that the wig came in.

The box came a little crushed but the contents inside the box were in excellent condition.

The package came with the wig, hair net, and a cute wig comb!

The synthetic hair looks very realistic. It is also very soft and does not tangle or fall out.



NAME: Dark Purple to Pink Waist-Length Wavy Synthetic Lace Wig
PRICE: $115.00

Color 5/5

The color is very beautiful! I adore the purple and pink ombre so much. All the colors blend in together very nicely and do not look choppy. This wig is very vibrant and eye catching. I could not decide between a purple or a pink wig, so I decided to get one that has both colors in it. hehe ^-^

Style 5/5

The style of this wig is beautiful. I love how the wig comes wavy and the waves actually STAY and do not get tangled. That is the issue that I find with many wigs. They either lose their volume or the curls will get tangled and become hard to manage. That does not occur with this wig. The curls are very natural looking and are voluminous. This wig can be styled many ways by adding different hair accessories. The photos above I have styled the wig with beaded kitten headband ears and a black hat. You can also braid the wig, tight part of it back, or part some hair to the side for various looks.

Quality 5/5

This is a lace front synthetic wig. Lace front wigs are made so you can easily part the front of the wig and have it appear natural. The quality of the wig is amazing. There is no hair loss when I style and brush the wig. This issue occurs very often with low-quality wigs. Additionally, the wig is extremely soft and can easily be brushed through. It does not tangle often and appears natural when it is worn and is not overly shiny. I highly recommend this wig, the quality is phenomenal and is definitely worth the money!

 Overall . . .

I would highly recommend this wig! It is definitely worth the investment and can be worn with many looks! Although the color is very vibrant and bright, the wig looks very natural and does not look cheap and shiny. Don't forget to use the code "vanniechuong" for a discount on your purchase. Happy shopping! ^_^


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