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Fashionkawaii and Asiancute clothing review

Check out Fashionkawaii and Asiancute for cute Asian fashion!

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Review for Bow Plaid Skirt

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The front of the skirt. I love the plaid color and the bow!
Close up of the front of the skirt. The bow includes a cute pearl! ^_^
Back view of the skirt.
There are black shorts embedded in the skirt so you do not need to worry about your undies showing. hehe :3

I took this photo with my phone when I was in  Vegas! ^_^


The skirt is freesize (one size fits most).

Length:20 cm/7.80" 
Waist:62-86 cm/24.18"-33.54"
Hips:104 cm/40.56"
Hem size:170 cm/66.30"

Fitting 5/5

This skirt fits me perfectly! If you are a little bit smaller than me the skirt will fit slightly loose, and if you are a big larger than me the skirt will still fit you because the waist band is stretchy. The skirt is very comfortable and is flattering on the waist and lower tummy area. To get a better idea of the fitting, I am a 24 inch waist and wear a size small in bottoms. For American jeans I wear a size US 3.

Design 5/5

I absolutely adore the design so much! I have an obsession with plaid skirts.. and bows! This skirt has both, and even a cute pearl in the front. I would definitely get this skirt in very color. I also love how there are shorts underneath the skirt.

Quality 3/5

The skirt is made from cotton so the quality is okay. It is not flimsy but also not the best quality. The material gets kind of strange after washing it for the first time, but it is still wearable.
Overall, I would recommend this skirt! The skirt is super adorable and gives you a cute school girl look. You can wear this skirt many different ways and dress it up or dress it down. Make sure to check out their other products! There is a wide selection of cute Japanese fashion on the websites. The owner of this company has two websites that are listed in the beginning of this review. Happy shopping! ^_^

Don't forget to use my discount code "vanniechuong" for 10% off your order!


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