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Green and Lavendar Ombre Wig Review for EveryDayWigs

Review for EveryDayWigs Lace Front Wigs Check out their Green and Lavendar Ombre Wig Check them out for an amazing selection of high quality lace front wigs and follow their instagram @EveryDayWigsCom Use the code "vanniechuong" for 5% off your purchase!

NAME:Green/Lavender Loose Wave Ombre Color Synthetic Lace Front Wig SKU: edw1109 PRICE: $92.00 Color 5/5 I love the color of this wig! The greenish/teal color and purple look great together. I absolutely adore the purple ombre. It definitely gives the wig a flashy and chic style! Style 4/5 I love how the wig is curly towards the end. It creates a flattering look for all face shapes. However, the style of this wig is not accurate with the stock photo. When looking at the stock photos, the wig is much longer and less curly. The stock photo appears to be long and very loose waves. The wig I received, however, is much shorter and curlier. Regardless, I still adore the wig a lot! Quality 5/5 This is a lace front synthet…

Geo Super Angel Grey Circle Lens Review for Geo Coloured Lenses

Check out Geo Coloured Lenses for amazing circle lenses! Follow their Instagram @Geolenses Review for Geo Super Angel Grey XCM-215

 ReviewDiameter: 14.8mm Base Curve: 8.60mm Life Span: Yearly disposal  Prescription: Left -1.25 Right -1.00
Comfort 5/5 I had no issues with these circle lens when I inserted them in my eyes. I wore them for the full 8 without any irritation. You can't even feel that they are in your eyes!!
Enlargement 5/5 These lens are great for enlargement and definitely gives you the dolly eye look! Check my close up eye photo above for the enlargement difference.
Color 4/5 The color is very beautiful and a subtle grey. It blends with my dark eye color nicely and is not too vibrant. However, I do wish there were some brown or warm tones mixed in the with the grey color.
Naturalness 3/5
I give the lens 3/5 in terms of naturalness because of the color, enlargement and design. Even though they do not give a "natural" look, the circle lens are still very beautiful…

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Pink Bluetooth Earphones Review

Check out Sudio Sweden for trendy, stylish and quality earphones! Follow their Instagram @SudioSweden Review for Vasa Bla Pink Earphones

Review NAME: Vasa BLÅ - Pink PRICE: $110.00 Comfort 2/5 I really love these earphones, however I do have a complication with the comfort and sizing. The earphones do not stay on my ears for some reason, and will fall off if I am doing other activities. I tried to take them to the gym several times and they fall off my ears when I am on the elliptical and doing abdominal workouts. I have tried to change to all four different earbud sizes but still no help.. Maybe it is just my ears? They can be quite stubborn when it comes to earbud sizing haha. ;_; If I am just sitting there and not moving around, the earphones would be ideal. Style and Functionality 5/5 The style is so cute and adorable! I love the pink color and the gold accents. Very cute, girly, and stylish. I also love how there is a button on the earphones to raise and lower your music volume…