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Green and Lavendar Ombre Wig Review for EveryDayWigs

Review for EveryDayWigs Lace Front Wigs

Check out their Green and Lavendar Ombre Wig

Check them out for an amazing selection of high quality lace front wigs and follow their instagram @EveryDayWigsCom

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This is what the package consists of. The wig is packaged in a plastic bag. The package also includes a black hairnet.

This is how the wig looked like when I took it out of the packaging.

Here is a close up.

The wig was a big messy so I decided to brush it. This is how the wig looks like after brushing.

Close up of the wig after brushing.


NAME:Green/Lavender Loose Wave Ombre Color Synthetic Lace Front Wig
SKU: edw1109
PRICE: $92.00

Color 5/5

I love the color of this wig! The greenish/teal color and purple look great together. I absolutely adore the purple ombre. It definitely gives the wig a flashy and chic style!

Style 4/5

I love how the wig is curly towards the end. It creates a flattering look for all face shapes. However, the style of this wig is not accurate with the stock photo. When looking at the stock photos, the wig is much longer and less curly. The stock photo appears to be long and very loose waves. The wig I received, however, is much shorter and curlier. Regardless, I still adore the wig a lot!

Quality 5/5

This is a lace front synthetic wig. Lace front wigs are made so you can easily part the front of the wig and have it appear natural. The quality of the wig is amazing. I experienced very little hair loss when brushing and styling the wig, which is a big plus! It is difficult to find wigs that do not shed.

 Overall . . .

I would highly recommend this wig! It is definitely worth the investment and can be worn with many looks! Although the color is very vibrant and bright, the wig looks very natural and does not look cheap and shiny. Don't forget to use the code "vanniechuong" for 5% off your purchase. Happy shopping! ^_^


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