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Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Pink Bluetooth Earphones Review

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Review for Vasa Bla Pink Earphones

The earphones come in a cute magnetic box.

The package includes the earphones, a faux leather earphone pouch, four pairs of earbuds, and a USB cord to charge your Bluetooth earphones.
The earphones look so cute!
This is how the earphones look like when charging.


NAME: Vasa BLÅ - Pink
PRICE: $110.00

Comfort 2/5

I really love these earphones, however I do have a complication with the comfort and sizing. The earphones do not stay on my ears for some reason, and will fall off if I am doing other activities. I tried to take them to the gym several times and they fall off my ears when I am on the elliptical and doing abdominal workouts. I have tried to change to all four different earbud sizes but still no help.. Maybe it is just my ears? They can be quite stubborn when it comes to earbud sizing haha. ;_; If I am just sitting there and not moving around, the earphones would be ideal.

Style and Functionality 5/5

The style is so cute and adorable! I love the pink color and the gold accents. Very cute, girly, and stylish. I also love how there is a button on the earphones to raise and lower your music volume, it becomes very handy. Furthermore, these earphones include a built in microphone, which I love! I can use these earphones not only for music, but to talk with friends on my cellular device. Connecting the earphones to your IOS or Android is very simple. Just turn on your phone bluetooth and earphones and it should easily connect.

Quality 5/5

The quality of these headphones are nice. I have not had any problems with the sound or product quality so far. I can hear the music clearly, which is a big deal to me since I listen to music with earphones everyday! The material of the earphones are also of nice quality.

 Overall . . .

I would recommend these earphones! I love the style and quality of them. The only downside is the fitting and comfort. However, if you tend to not have issues with earbud fitting then I would definitely get a pair of these earphones.


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