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LensVillage Puffy 3 Tone Green Circle Lens

Check out LensVillage for amazing circle lenses! Follow their Instagram @Lensvillagedotcom Review for Puffy 3 Tone Green

 ReviewDiameter: 14.5 mm Base Curve: 8.6 mm  Life Span: Yearly disposal  Prescription: Left -1.25 Right -1.00
Comfort 4/5 I had no issues with these circle lens when I inserted them in my eyes. I wore them for the full 8 without any irritation, however they can be a bit drying to the eyes so make sure to bring a pair of contact re-wetting drops with you! Enlargement 4/5 Although it says that the diameter is 14.5mm, the enlargement is really huge and noticeable! These lens definitely give you a cute and dolly eye look. I wouldn't say the enlargement is too intense, which is why I did not give these lens a 5/5 but the enlargement is definitely noticeable. Refer to comparison photo above for an image of the enlargement difference. Color and Design 5/5 I adore the color and design so much! The green is such a vibrant and beautiful color and the yellow ring in the…